Where does your faith lie?  This quote from Marianne Williamson challenges my way of thinking.

I have often used the analogy of being in a deep, dark well to describe being in a toxic and abusive relationship. The deeperand darkerin the well, the more difficult it is to see reality. But if you dare catch a glimmer of light… If you, with all you have, eventually escape the well and live in the light… Only then will the well’s deep darkness be realized. Maybe you have heard survivors of toxic relationships say, “How could I have been so blind?”

Likewise, it seems I have been suffering in the darkness of a soul-crushing job for so long, that after honestly searching my heart, I can’t really and truly imagine being out. As Williamson says, “It seems easier at times to have more faith in the power of my problems than faith that they can be miraculously solved.”


Such a beautiful word.

Affirming a solution.

Such a beautiful truth.

…with God all things are possible.  Matt. 19:26