So the men took some of their provisions, but did not ask counsel from the LORD.  Joshua 9:14

When things seem confused or uncertain we are quick to ask God for confirmation, help, direction, a word, a sign, or a myriad of other things that will give assurance to a questioning heart.

Yet, when circumstances appear obvious, certain, no-brainers, we are equally as quick to not ask God for confirmation, help, a word, etc.

Those wily Gibeonites in the book of Joshua are proof positive that thorn-in-the-side circumstances—irritating, infecting, inflaming, chronic localized pain that affects the entire body—result when we fail to ask God for counsel in all things.

When we have a miserable job, we may quickly jump at any chance to leave. We may be so desperate for a change, that we settle for the first thing that comes along and quit looking for one that will bring fulfillment. We may be so distressed and discontented that we feel stuck with no hope of ever getting out, otherwise known as paralysis.

When you find yourself in an unfulfilling job, the one that you believe and/or have been told “This is your lot in life”—and you are therefore certain of it—don’t be so certain. Don’t let your circumstances fool you. Seek counsel from God.

The only sure thing in life is prayer.

Father God, forgive me when my circumstances cause me to lose sight of Your goodness. It is not Your will for Your children to be unhappy or miserable. Thank you for redirecting me with Your Word and prayer. I do trust you in all things including this unfulfilling job. Trusting you means first and foremost, expressing gratitude in all things, even a dry and crumbly job. And secondly, lifting up for healing the worn-out and patched areas of my life that I have mistaken as my lot in life. Oh Father God, sometimes they look so real! Help me to walk by faith and not by sight. In Jesus’ Name. Amen